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After 5 years of tax-defaulted status, defaulted properties become subject to the "Power to Sell." These properties may be sold at future Internet auctions, unless redeemed for the full taxes, penalties, and other associated costs. Occasionally, other factors such as a bankrupty may delay the offering of a property for sale. The listing of tax-defaulted properties displays the owner name of record, the ATN (Assessor Tax Number), and the Amount Owed (approximation).

Please do not pay on the amount shown since this is an approximation of outstanding taxes and may not include all fees and charges. If you wish to view more detailed information pertaining to these properties, including the amount owed, please access our webpage at

If you wish to pay the outstanding amount owed, you must contact our office at (661) 868-3490 for the most current balance due and proper payment procedures.

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The entire list of tax-defaulted properties is in .pdf format.
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